Garden design

Established in 2006

Soon after our designer completed a degree in garden design and horticulture – Green Rooms in Nottingham have built many different types of gardens and found solutions even in the most tricky of spaces.

With our particular eye for detail as well as our extensive experience, we’re in a position to develop creative solutions when it comes to garden and landscape design. Working with you, we design your new outdoor environment and tailor it to fit your exact specifications and lifestyle.

The garden design process:

  1. Client meeting, on site at your home or the location of the project – we will talk through your requirements and carry out a land survey. This information will then be generated in CAD to give a scale canvas, ready for us to design your project.
  2. Concept and quotation, we will design your garden in a basic line drawing form, true to scale. This helps with accuracy when it comes to quoting. It also helps when setting out the garden in readiness for when landscape construction starts.
  3. The design. At this stage you will have a concept plan of the garden and a quotation. We will now go through the extensive range of materials available to you for your project. Then we are good to go and we will start building your garden.
  4. Printing, dimensioning, annotating and rendering plans. If you want to move on to a more comprehensive drawing, we can offer A3 and A2 printed plans of your garden design. These are chargeable per print and per hour when it comes to design time. If you’re pursuing a self build project or are gifting the design process, this is a must. But for most of our customers, the basic plan will be enough to get the project started.

3D garden design visuals

For gardens that may be split over several levels or terraces, a 3D visual of the proposed garden design can be a great way to start to see your project come to life. The basic example shown can be further rendered and shadows throughout the day demonstrated.